New perspectives in Indian philosophy /

"Indian philosophy, till now, has been generally presented in a historical manner and in such a way as if there were no problems about it. The book challenges this way of presentation both at the general as well as specific levels. It starts with a plea for a new history of philosophy in India...

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Main Author: Krishna, Daya.
Format: Printed Book
Published: Jaipur : Rawat Publications, 2001.
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: 1 A Plea for a New History of Philosophy in India
  • 2 Towards a Field Theory of Indian Philosophy:
  • Suggestions for a New Way of Looking at Indian Philosophy
  • II
  • 3 Indian Philosophy in the First Millennium A.D.:
  • Fact and Fiction
  • 4 Where are the Vedas in the First Millennium AD.?
  • 5 Vedinta in the First Millennium A.D.: The Case Study
  • of a Retrospective Illusion Imposed by th Historiography
  • of Indian Philosophy
  • III
  • 6 Prltftyasamutpada-Does it Say Anything New?
  • 7 ilow Anekantika is Anekanta? Some Reflections on the
  • Jain Theory of Anekfntavada
  • IV
  • 8 MTmamsa before JaiminT: Some Problems in the
  • Interpretation of Rule in the Indian Tradition
  • 9 The MTmamsaka versus Yajfiika: Some Further Problem in
  • the Interpretation of Sruti in the Indian Tradition
  • 10 Syena yaga: The Achilles Heel of Sruti in Indian Tradition
  • 11 Is the Doctrine of Arthavada Compatible with the
  • Idea of Srut?
  • V
  • 12 The Myth of the Prasthana TrayF
  • 13 Is "Tattvam asi" The Same Type of Identity Statement as
  • "The Morning Star is the Evening Star"?
  • 14 Can the Analysis of Adhyasa ever Lead to an
  • Advaitic Conclusion?
  • 15 Was Acarya Samkara Responsible for the Disappearance
  • of Buddhist Philosophy from India?
  • VI
  • 16 Is Nyaya Realist or Idealist?
  • 17 Can Navya Nyaya Analysis Make a Distinction
  • between Sense and Reference?
  • VII
  • 18 Did the GopTs Really Love Krsna?: Some Reflections
  • on Bhakti as a Purusartha in the Indian Tradition
  • 19 The Vamasrama Syndrome of Indian Sociology
  • 20 'Shock-proof, 'Evidence-proof, 'Argument-proof
  • World of Sampradayika Scholarship of Indian Philosophy
  • 21 Nyaya; Realist or Idealist: Is the Debate Ended, the
  • Argument Completed?
  • Appendix.